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Organic Collagen Matcha Blend
Organic Collagen Matcha Blend
Organic Collagen Matcha Blend

Organic Collagen Matcha Blend

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90g | approx. 18 serves

Enjoy a match moment with the added benefits of collagen and the perfect combination of wellness superfoods. Make your own vibrant green, deliciously creamy latte, with a subtle sweetness.

Our NZ organic, neutral flavoured, bovine Wholefood Collagen Powder is traditionally extracted using a long slow simmer. It's then gently freeze-dried to retain its nutritional benefits.

It features alongside Ceremonial Japanese Matcha, rich in antioxidants and recommended for sustained energy, without the jitters associated with coffee. We've added an organic Peruvian Maca which may support hormone health and improve mood, libido and fertility. Giving a delicious creaminess to the blend is Tremella (Snow) Mushroom, which has been used by Japanese and Chinese herbalists for two thousand years for its beautifying, immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties. Lastly, organic maple syrup, rich in minerals, pairs perfectly with matcha as a subtle natural sweetener.

Every ingredient is added with health and flavour in mind - nothing more, nothing less!


Serving Suggestions:
As easy as a hot choc! Add 2 tsp to a cup and add a hot water/milk combination - we recommend frothed coconut, almond or oat milk with our Collagen Matcha Blend. Also delicious in smoothies, baking and bliss balls! See our website for recipe inspiration.

Organic Ceremonial Matcha (23%), NZ Organic Wholefood Bovine Collagen (23%), Organic Maple Syrup, Organic Maca, Organic Tremella Mushroom