Customer Feedback

WE love to get feedback from our customers. We want to know what you're thinking? If you have any questions, or would like any tips on using our products - please get in touch. We want our products to help our customers enjoy better health and it makes our day to get such nice messages from our people around NZ who are feeling the benefits. 



Just want to tell you... you guys rock. I am so grateful that you had the inspiration, knowledge, creativity and drive to produce and market such an outstanding organic health product in New Zealand And you where did I found this outstanding health boost? ? In my local Silverstream new not the place you usually find superior food. Give your marketing guru a star. Thank you soooooooooo very much Toni

Just wanted to say- our 6 month old baby looooves your bone broth. We’ve mixed it with all his veges- and it makes the best tasting baby food! He actually now loves veges more than fruit- which was definitely not the case for the first two. Keep it up! Sophie

Thanks Derek,

Found it in the chiller section with the soups in New World Kerikeri. Love that your broth is so clean- no additives