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1) How long does my bone broth last once opened?

As our organic bone broths are a natural product and free from any additives or preservatives it must be kept chilled at all times. When chilled in a refrigerator It will be good to use unopened until the Use By Date on the back of the package. Once opened consume within 3 days. If you don't think you will consume the whole packet before this time you can easily freeze our bone broth in ice cube trays to keep it fresh for up to 6months! 

2) How is your bone broth made? 

We use a traditional long and slow simmer process to extract as many nutrients as we can from the organic NZ bones. We use a 12 hour slow simmer for our Chicken Bone Broth. The Beef Broth take twice as long due to the larger bones, so a 24 hour slow simmer is needed. We simmer until the essential amino acids, collagen, vitamins and minerals have seeped out into the liquid (filtered water + apple cider vinegar) surrounding the bones and are ready to be enjoyed by the next person who comes along. Hopefully you ;)

3) What is in your bone broth?

We use only locally sourced certified organic bones for our bone broth. We don't add anything to our bone broth except filtered water and trace amounts of organic apple cider vinegar to extract all the good nutrients. This is to keep it versatile for use and perfect for a variety of diets. 

4) Why is bone broth good for you?

Bone both has many great benefits. It is an amazing source of collagen and some specific amino acids which help our gut lining to heal and seal. This can lead to many other health benefits too; including skin rejuvenation, boosting the immunity, helping joints and much more. If you want to learn more about the healing qualities of bone broth head on over to our blog and benefits pages. 

5) How do I enjoy my bone broth?

A great and simple way to consume our bone broth is to drink it with a little ginger, turmeric, lemon, salt and pepper. You can find this 'Daily Healing Tonic' recipe on our website. Other ways to incorporate it into your diet is by sautéing veggies or meat in it, cooking rice or other grains with it or by adding it to soups and curries. To get some inspiration head on over to our recipes page or follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @bestbonesbroth. 


by Ra Goodwin 
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