My wife Kate and I are the founders of Best Bones Broth, a family run business which creates quality Bone Broth made from organic NZ bones. We started Best Bones Broth in 2014 after we had been using Bone Broth at home for a couple of years in our mission to heal our son's eczema by healing his gut. We discovered that Bone Broth was key in the healing process and our whole family benefited from having it on a daily basis. Going through the 12 - 24 hour cooking process at home and having the smell of broth through the house started to become tiresome. However, there were no Bone Broths available to purchase in NZ back then so we decided to begin making it commercially ourselves. We began selling at the local farmers markets and grew from there. Today we are stocked in over 100 stores nation wide. It's great to see more people incorporating Bone Broth and other traditional foods in their diets as they realise how important Gut Health is to our overall health. The negative impact of the food industry has been going on for too long. We want to bring change through an organic and NZ made product, and help people enjoy the benefits of a healthy body and mind. As more people are living in this healthy state, it ripples and positively effects our communities while setting a great example to our children.   

We love to get feedback from customers so please get in touch if you have any questions regarding our products.

Warm regard,



The Moffat Family