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About Us

Best Bones Broth is a family run business founded by Derek and Kate Moffat in 2014.

The idea for creating Best Bones Broth came after years of making broth at home to improve the health of our children and ourselves. We started making broth to help heal  our eldest son’s gut issues, as he suffered from eczema from a very young age. We discovered that bone broth was an essential part of the healing process and our whole family benefited from having it on a daily basis.

We knew there were many people making their own bone broths, and people who wanted to incorporate more broth into their diets to help improve their health. However, there were no traditionally made, organic bone broth options in the supermarket for people who were time poor, or sometimes even too unwell to make it themselves.

So we launched Best Bones Broth on a small scale – initially selling at the local farmers markets to get to know our customers, their health concerns and what they wanted in a broth. Today we are stocked in over 100 stores nation-wide. It’s been amazing to see more people incorporating bone broth and other traditional foods into their diets and hear about how their health has improved.

We love hearing from our customers so please get in touch with us with any feedback.

Wishing you all well on your good health journey.

Derek, Kate, and our kids - Lochy, Raya and Blake and Vida (the dog)