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Healing from the Inside Out


Our director here at Best Bones Broth is a surfer. He’ll pop out every now and again to catch a few waves and I guess I won’t complain because he come’s back relaxed, happier and focused. 

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Today I want to talk about a different kind of wave. The wave that is created when you start healing from the inside out. It is rather common nowadays to have gut health problems which may or may not lead to many other issues throughout the body and even the mind. As we see here in NZ, there is an incredible amount of processed foods that we are surrounded by which can be harder on our digestive systems. When the digestive system is having to work hard long hours and is not getting the maintenance it needs, problems start to arise. Allergies, intolerances, bloating, inflammation and a whole lot more can appear and quite often these signs are ignored and accepted as part of life. These health issues could be signs that your gut is not in the ‘shape’ it should be, but you’re in luck because it is something that can be quite often fixed with a few simple changes. 

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When the gut repeatedly works overtime, churning away at last nights dinner and dealing with inflammatory foods, the gut lining weakens and tiny unwanted holes appear. It is common for partially digested food, toxins and bugs to pass through these holes and travel to the tissues below. Our immune system then kicks into gear and similarly works in overdrive to investigate these new travellers. Inflammation, bloating, allergies and intolerances are often signs from an overworked gut. 

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A good quality bone broth containing high amounts of collagen and the amino acids proline, glutamine and arginine has found to be very effective in healing the weakened intestinal lining. This is because it contains many components found in the gut lining and therefore is perfect for repairing those tiny holes. 

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Once the gut lining is repaired and maintained many other issues throughout the body tend to be reduced or disappear completely. A wave is quite literally created and spreads from your gut right through to the outer skin on our body. In saying that, by consistently consuming bone broth and other gut healing foods you will often find your skin looks replenished, firm and younger. 

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So if you’re not a surfer, or even if you are, this is definitely a wave you want to catch. 

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by Ra Goodwin 
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