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Wild Fish Chowder

Bone Broth Powder


1 (40g) small Carrot - diced
1 (40g) small stalk Celery - diced
½ (80g) Onion – diced
500g Organic Potatoes
Handful (10g) fresh Thyme - chopped 
1 Fresh Bay Leaf
1 Tbs Oil
Chef’s pinch Salt and Pepper
¼ cup Brandy
½ Tbs Worcestershire Sauce
500ml Best Bones Broth Wild Fish – warmed
1 Tbs Worcestershire Sauce
2 Tbs Lewis Road Cream
¼ tsp Freshly grated Nutmeg
400-500g Fish pieces or favourite Seafood
if using shellfish make sure to clean first


1. Warm 500mls of Best Bones Broth Wild Fish in a pot on the stove.
2. Dice carrot, celery stick and onion. Wash potatoes (keep the skin on) and cut into roughly 2cm x 2cm sized chunks.
3. In a large pot over med-high heat, add oil and a knob of butter for extra flavour! When butter starts to foam (or olive oil slides around the pan with great ease), add your carrot, celery, onion, a chef’s pinch of salt and pepper and stir for a minute or until fragrant.
4. Next add bay leaf and chopped thyme. Stir for another minute. Then add brandy and Worcestershire sauce. Let the alcohol cook off for a minute before adding raw potatoes.
5. Add potatoes and stir through so the flavours get to know each other. Now slowly add warm bone broth to the pot with your vegetables.
6. Bring your soup up to a light simmer. Do not boil. Simmer until potatoes are cooked 15-20mins. Once potatoes are cooked, puree half by removing half the potatoes and enough broth to cover them in a food processor or bullet.
7. Add seafood to the remaining soup on stove. Once seafood is cooked add your puree back into the soup. Remove bay leaf and add grated nutmeg, another splash of Worcestershire Sauce and a couple of tablespoon of cream.


Serve with fresh thyme, dill and a dollop of yogurt or sour cream. Enjoy!